“Hogai’s strengths are color, well-thought-out form, and a sense of humor. The brand creates furniture and accessories that are not only aesthetic and comfortable, but make the world more interesting, less monotonous and unpredictable. They break out of boredom and routine.”


“Looking to add a bold statement piece that won’t soon be forgotten? You don’t need to look any further than these colorful standing mirrors from new Polish brand, Hogai. Hogai’s mirrors have clearly been created for those tired of neutral, monochromatic interiors who crave energy and expression in a big way. And they’ve delivered.”


“The Mirrors collection conceived by Poland-based design studio Hogai, embodies a vibrant spirit, reflecting its users’ individuality. Pops of colour, dynamic shapes, and a playful interplay of straight lines and graceful curves form the personality-filled aesthetic of the mirrors, aligning with the Polish studio’s philosophy of creating a unique and captivating design narrative.”


“New Polish design brand Hogai presents a selection of mirrors that are catered to those who have grown tired of neutral palettes and monochromatic themes.”


“Made for the colour confident, Hogai’s range of standing mirrors comes in a variety of colours, from firetruck red and cobalt blue to zingy orange, emerald green and powder pink. As well as more toned-down pastel and neutral hues for the more minimalist inclined.”


“Hogai image campaign: – “THINGS TO SMILE TO has been launched. The brand’s mission is to build inspiring spaces that bring joy to life. Its creators believe in joy and color. Hogai’s first collection presents the brand’s manifesto. It opposes the dominance of grey, beige, and monochromatic interiors.”


“The image campaign of the Hogai brand is based on a concept that includes two aspects – it is supposed to show the intimacy of people’s relationship with the objects/furniture they live with every day, but also the functions of the products – how people use them when they are alone.”


“Hogai’s first collection definitely presents the brand’s manifesto. It opposes the dominance of grey, beige and monochromatic interiors. Hogai offers a bold design inspired by the Memphis and Bauhaus style, enlivened by energetic colors.”