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02 March 2023

Bauhaus. Revolutionary ideas at the source of modern design.

A composition based on the balance of horizontal and vertical lines, clean forms responding to functional needs. The idea of ​​Bauhaus is fully expressed in architecture, but we read it equally well in furniture designs or graphics. The uniqueness of the concept of combining all aspects of design has been recognized for more than 100 years after its creation.

23 February 2023

Memphis Group. Only color and a sense of humor will save us.

If to rebel, then with vigor. To arouse emotions and move to discussion. The 1980s had no better manifestation than the aesthetics of a group of designers spontaneously crated in Milan. They were united by their love of color and their aversion to the seriousness of modernism and so-called good taste. And fun that gave them a thrilling lightness.

02 January 2023

Mirror Reflections of the past, flames of the future and all that interior design magic.

Their magical power is known to all lovers of beautiful interiors. Mirrors, especially large ones, enlarge and even multiply the space in an unbelievable way. But it is not all. Even the smallest ones can brighten it wonderfully – they catch every ray of the sun, they also work perfectly with the light of candles or lamps. At the same time, they bring life, movement and changeability to the room. And they are great in all styles.