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02 January 2023

Mirror Reflections of the past, flames of the future and all that interior design magic.

Their magical power is known to all lovers of beautiful interiors. Mirrors, especially large ones, enlarge and even multiply the space in an unbelievable way. But it is not all. Even the smallest ones can brighten it wonderfully – they catch every ray of the sun, they also work perfectly with the light of candles or lamps. At the same time, they bring life, movement and changeability to the room. And they are great in all styles.

In the interior design of apartments and houses, we can observe, first of all, large-format mirrors, which immediately create the atmosphere of modern luxury. Until recently, they were mainly rectangles, often filling the entire width of the bathroom, dressing room or hall. More recent trends suggest the shape of a circle. A round mirror evokes associations with a window or even a transition to a parallel reality. And when properly illuminated in the evenings, it can also resemble the rising Moon. However, these are still only preliminary possibilities.

We glue large and small mirrors on the walls, hang them or just set them loosely propped (although discreetly secured at the back against tipping over) to create picturesque compositions – at the level of the floor or countertop. Entire groups of smaller and larger mirrors in different styles look great. However, furniture or decorative trinkets can also be mirrored. They all have a unique charm.

Mirror, a magical object

Speaking of witchcraft… Władysław Kopaliński – an invaluable researcher of myths and cultural traditions – in his “Dictionary of Symbols” reminds us that mirrors (once made of polished silver, later made of glass with a metal layer) were considered a magical object for centuries. First of all, in a more or less turbid sheet, mediumistic properties were discovered. The mirror was reached to see those who once looked at it or even to call the spirits of the dead. As a link with another dimension of reality, the mirror was also supposed to reveal the secrets of the future to the initiates.

At the same time, vain study of one’s own reflection was supposedly threatening that the devil would appear in the mirror. But after all, the mirror was also a talisman and a weapon in the fight against monsters, which is recalled by the story of the Gorgon, and in the circle of Polish culture – the legend of the Bazyliszek. So many myths, but it is true that the magical power of the mirror is still manifested in interior design.

Parallel spaces

Who as a child imagined that the room reflected in the mirror – both well-known and completely unreal – was another, additional room of the house? Although we all know what the whole trick is based on, regardless of age, we succumb to the illusion of space. That is why mirrored sheets (especially opti white glass, free from green tint) are a great way to seemingly spread the walls of a narrow corridor or a cramped bathroom. Properly used, they will not only add space, but also correct the shape of the room – so that it becomes more harmonious.

What’s important, this effect can also be used in a delicate, mediated way. An example is a mirror on the back of a display case or bookcase – dishes or decorative objects in the background. It gives the feeling of open space, lightness and light, and at the same time it does not threaten to tire the household members by constantly observing its own reflection. In the same way, a wall lamp or a picture can be placed on the mirror at eye level. The result will be excellent in any case.

See more or… less

Mirrors bring non-existent worlds before our eyes, but they also allow us to see what really exists in a different, more complete way. An excellent example is the sculpture placed against the background of the mirror so that its back part can also be seen. A mirror set at the right angle can direct the eye in a similar way, e.g. to a spectacular chandelier placed on the ceiling (in high interiors it is often easier to see it in this way than tilting your head up) or a noteworthy view behind a window located on the side.

On the other hand, an important trend is created by purely decorative mirrors – with a pane of colored glass (gold, copper, brown and graphite are the most fashionable) or silver, but with a dense grid of mullions or even in the form of a mosaic made of countless small elements. Interesting effects can also be obtained thanks to aged, as if clouded, mirrors. All of them will not help to precisely apply make-up or adjust the outfit, but they will enrich the home decor.

More light

There is never enough sun under the Polish sky, and mirrors – as we mentioned at the beginning – also have a unique power to brighten interiors. To get the best results, it is worth placing them near the windows so that they capture and transmit natural light into the room (this may seem trivial, but the directions of the world must be taken into account here). We also recommend consciously combining them with lamps or candles. When they ignite, the effect will be spectacular.

Many of the visual effects outlined here are predictable. However, it is best to experiment creatively with a mirror, even the simplest one – to move, move, twist at different angles. We guarantee that there will be no shortage of pleasant surprises here!