Code Virtuoso. An IT developer by passion and education, he is the founder of a small software house – DreamArt.dev, where he spends his days and sometimes nights to prove the order before the deadline. Developing code is his passion and hobby, which is why friends laugh that he hasn’t spent a single day at work yet. Discovering innovations, creating unconventional solutions, is something that motivates him to act.

However, not by coding alone does a man live, and on summer weekend evenings you can find him at various festivals. He fell in love with French reggae, and comes from the Polish capital of this music, but you will also meet him at Poland Rock and other events of this type. And when he returns after the weekend relaxation to the rhythm of the week every day before work he runs, swims, flips weights, because a strong body is a fit mind 🙂

What was the most interesting thing about working with the Hogai store?

Working with so many specialists is by far the best aspect of this collaboration, with each project I learn something new. I go on the assumption that if one is up to everything then one is up to nothing, so at Hogai we focused on individualism and out of the combination of our experiences and skills something wonderful came out.

Hogai has plenty of inspiring content – how to reconcile the quality of content in the store vs. the speed of the store?

It is impossible to unequivocally reconcile these 2 things, on the one hand we have beautiful photos that the better they are the more important they are, on the other hand we want them to load in no time. We can do various treatments, converting to more web-friendly formats, but the most important thing is to work together to find a golden mean that preserves both the quality of the images, but also does not disturb the perception of the site.