Kasia graduated from the architecture department of the Technical University of Lodz. She honed her skills during a post-study at the University of Lund and while working at studios in Moscow and Insbruk.
He works with Bartek as part of the AR Office design studio, which provides public building design, interior design and equipment design.
At the Faculty of the Academy of Fine Arts in Torun, she obtained a postgraduate diploma in the field of historic and conservation issues of historical architecture.
He treats his profession as a craft that requires truth and sincerity in creating objects that are useful, aesthetic and timeless.
At work and in life, he adheres to the principle of we need less, but better.
He specializes in architecture, interior design, furniture design, concept development and design strategies.

What is the most important thing for you in design?

In design work, the most important thing for me is that the product that will be created is real. I think the essence of design is not only beauty, but above all simplicity and convenience. Hogai is precisely a story of simplicity (a simple body), but also incredible energy. For me, it’s the joy of life and challenges and the power of color.

What kind of design do you have in your home?

Diverse. I surround myself with objects that mean something to me. They can evoke memories, release good energy or simply enjoy. It’s such a mix of what’s old with modern design.

What does less but better mean to you?

This is the title of a book by Dieter Rams, a great designer. Less but better shows the importance of honesty and simplicity in design. The object is to serve the one who uses it, to improve the quality of life.